Friday, July 21

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  Candifloss is an artist on DC. She has 6000+ fans and 300,000+ stars.

DC page



About Candifloss

Candi has many various styles but mainly sticks to PPG (powerpuffgirls) style. She's been on DC about 2 years. Candifloss loves Disney Create because she loves to share her art with everyone :3 


Much is appreciated if you would just simply put "inspired by" or "style by" candifloss. Then I won't think you are trying to copy! D: -Candi


Some of the most common styles Candifloss uses are:

  • PPG
  • Chibi
  • Stick figure
  • And a lot of varaitons of those


Candifloss has quite a few mascots but her most used ones are:  *Candi (aka herself)

  • Addie
  • Carrie


Candifloss has two pets they are Carl the turtle and Stephano the Duck. 


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