Dipper costume

This page is about the artist Mulligan100 on disney create.

DC History

She has Been on DC since 2011.She made her first account in 2012.She made another account in 2013 because DC started deleting her art on that account.


Her D-name is her dog's name and the random number 100.


She draws in MLP,PPG,airbrush,PPGZ,BBBFF, and others.

Original Characters


  • Fallon
  • Lily (NR)
  • Mully
  • Mulli

Sonic Characters

  • Rosie


  • Painted Tips (NR)
  • Petals(NR
  • Paegent Purple (NR)
  • Water Lily (NR)
  • Mixed Media(NR)
  • Patches(NR)
  • Mosaic Spash (NR)
[(NR) means not released]

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