aka Kousaka Honoka

  • I live in Tokyo, Japan
  • My occupation is Sukuuru Aidoru
  • I am a bread lover
  • Raventhepersonlol

    I don't know why I keep lying to you about all this! It's so stupid.

    No, and I repeat, I DID NOT create that Ginny account. Why would i? Does she ACT like me? Does she even TYPE like me? DO YOU EVEN KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME?!

    About the deviantArt and the ask.fms...I should not have blamed it on magic, she had nothing to do with it. Angel and I felt guilty about hiding everything from our parents, so we shut them down. We told Magic about this, and she was getting bullied by her peers at school and also felt guilty about hiding from her parents so she sut her down as well. It took me a while to agree to shut down my dA, which is why mine wasn't gone right away.

    I have been kicked out of my house for being bisexual and I am currently livin…

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